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Horses In New York’s Finger Lakes

August 11, 2011 by Innkeeper

On the way to the Wegmans (our fabulous grocery store) the other day, I stopped just to photograph these two little horses, well one is a colt and the other… After just a few minutes, they walked right over to me and stuck their heads through the fence. They were so soft and sweet.  One tried to nibble on my shirt. Now, I am not a big fan of horses, well riding horses to be specific, but these little guys made me feel like I just might be able to do it.

Finger Lakes horses

Foals in the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes horses

Playing around…

Finger Lakes horses

Beautiful creatures

Moments like this make shopping for the AAA Four Diamond rated 1795 Acorn Inn a joy.  Visit the Area page of our web site for more information about horseback riding in New York’s Finger Lakes.

1795 Acorn Inn Innkeeper Loves To Shop

August 1, 2011 by Innkeeper

Your Innkeeper, Sheryl, at BJ’s, our bulk store.

What does the Innkeeper of the 1795 Acorn Inn do in that rare instance when there isn’t anyone checking into this romantic, AAA Four Diamond B & B on a warm, summer day? I go shopping. Not the kind of shopping I love to do, but it’s still shopping.

I don’t use a basket. Oh no that just wouldn’t do. I grab a flat bed and proceed to check things off the list one by one. Picking up heavy items first and placing them on the bottom. As the flat bed grows taller and taller, heavier and heavier, I have to lean to get the thing moving. Warning!  This flat bed has no brakes.  A horn on the handle would be nice.  People who have never used a flat bed like this don’t realize you have to make wide turns and that they are neither easy to get moving and conversely stop when they are loaded.

At some point, I think in the frozen food section where I am actually freezing, I debate whether I should pay for what I have, load it up in the car and come back inside to finish the list. But, determined as I am, I’m going to make it all fit. Strategically and delicately placing items on the flat bed, balancing the process so as to keep the 10-dozen eggs safe and secure. And then, finally reaching the check out line.  The cashier has to get a basket cause there is no way it’s all fitting back on the flat bed.  Okay that part is over and it’s really not that bad.

But now I am simultaneously pushing a cart and pulling a flat bed, and I have to stop and hand the person at the door the receipt.  Why?  So they can pretend to count all 58 items and make sure I didn’t get overcharged?  By the way, the total was $712.48.  Just in case you are wondering.

Now comes the time to load up the car.  Try getting all the heavy stuff off the bottom to put in the car first with all the lighter stuff on top.  It’s an art.  But, once everything is placed in the car and I’ve determined I can still see out the back, I head back toward the Inn where I am so looking forward to unloading.  17 trips from the car to the office just to get everything inside. And, another hour or so to get everything put away. Multiple trips to the basement freezer and finally I’m done.

The good and the bad news… I’ll do it all over again next month, if it lasts that long.