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FLX Table Restaurant

June 23rd, 2017 by Innkeeper

“Geneva restaurant FLX Table has bested big-city competition to be named the country’s best new restaurant, ” according to the USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice poll. Now that is quite an honor. Not too long ago I was honored to enjoy a lovely meal at the FLX Table restaurant in the Finger Lakes. FLX Table, located in a cool building in downtown Geneva, is only a 30 minute drive from the 1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast and has a 5:45 pm seating and an 8:15 pm seating.

What to expect at the FLX Table restaurant…

Upon entering the restaurant your party is checked in and you are welcome to enjoy a glass of wine, beer or champagne while waiting for other guests to arrive. Once everyone has arrived, you are escorted into the other room and shown your seat at the only table in the restaurant.  The kitchen is also in the same room.  You really do feel like you are in a special place.  Sound interesting?

The menu is fixed and incorporates local foods that are bountiful depending on the season. You may be thinking, I don’t know if I would like this.  Well, that what I was thinking because… I am a picky eater and I freely admit that. In addition to what I like and don’t like, I am gluten-free and dairy-free by choice. When making the reservation online through a site called Tock, you are able to communicate any dietary restrictions. So, I chose to communicate my difficulty with dairy and just left it at that.  All in all, I do have to say that they were very attentive and I noticed that Jennifer, who was sitting across the table, was eating vegetarian.

Our table at the FLX Table restaurant consisted of eight B & B owners in the Canandaigua area. Jennifer and Harald from Syracuse.  And four students getting their Master’s Degrees; three from Ithaca (Cornell) and one from Harvard. As the meal progressed, we got to know each other a bit and even celebrated Jennifer’s Birthday. As we do at the 1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast, we seat all our guests at one table for breakfast. It’s part of the experience we wish people to have.  And, it’s quite wonderful to listen to the conversations and hear the laughs while working to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

The evening’s menu…

Farmers Board-FLX Table Restaurant

We began with a Farmer’s Board with the most unbelievable bread. The vegetables were perfectly blanched and the spreads and dips were fantastic. Next up, raw shrimp with shitake, asparagus and chili lime vinaigrette. Then Smoked Polenta with a 64-degree egg.  I had never had a 64-degree egg before but it was so creamy. The main entree was duck with carrot, farro, black olive, chive, Dukkah and cherry. I had a taste and it was delicious.  However, I passed my duck onto my friend and consumed the rest. Did I say I’m picky?  I don’t do duck. Then onto dessert… cornbread with strawberries, goat milk (on the side for me), pine buds and rhubarb. Delicious yet again.  To enhance your culinary experience, each dish can be paired with wine or beer of varying values and the FLX Table restaurant does a wonderful job at that as well.

Raw Shrimp-FLX Table Restaurant

Duck-FLX Table Restaurant

Overall, the service was wonderful, the atmosphere lovely and the food outstanding.  You do not want to miss such a wonderful experience. Would I order many of those items in a restaurant? Probably not. But I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Long-time guests, Matt and Karen went in the fall of 2016 and the menu looked wonderful.  Long-time guests, Jen and Tom went in the spring this year and the menu looked equally wonderful. I happened to go when the main dish was something I don’t eat but I guess that is the risk you take. In the end, I left FLX Table restaurant thoroughly satisfied and grateful for the experience.

A few things you should know…

You need to book online through their site.  They open up reservations for the next month on the 1st of the month prior. Under the Location tab on our website, choose Attractions, Lists & Links. Scroll down a bit and you will come upon Finger Lakes Region Dining. Click on FLX Table. Select your date and you will be billed at that time for the dinner ($49) plus tax and gratuity.  If you chose a wine or beer pairing, you will be charged at that time as well.  You can always add that on at the restaurant.  Then just wait and look forward to your dinner.  It will be amazing.

2 thoughts on “FLX Table Restaurant

  1. Amy

    Sounds absolutely amazing!! Love the variety of foods they served. I too am not a fan of duck but the shrimp app made my mouth water!!

    1. Innkeeper

      Hey Amy. Thanks for reading my blog. I won’t serve you duck for breakfast then. I am sure you will be featured in my upcoming SUP blog. 🙂

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