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White Deer

May 1, 2019 by Innkeeper

I bet May would be the perfect time to view the White Deer. I had the pleasure of visiting the old Army Depot and seeing the Seneca White Deer in the winter. The leaves are down and the deer are more visible than in full foliage. Pretty stark against the brown tree limbs and trunks and the snow. There are rather timid and stay at a distance. I can imagine a cycle tour being fantastic for viewing these shy creatures. But, I would think spring would be a marvelous time as well. Just a pop of green when the foliage is first awakening after a long winter’s slumber.

Seneca White Deer

Seneca White Deer

Seneca White Deer

Seneca White Deer

Seneca White Deer/Army Depot

After more than 70 years of isolation, the former Seneca Army Depot is now open for visitors to see the world’s largest herd of white, white-tailed deer, learn their fascinating story, and see the intriguing remains of the U.S. Army’s former weapons storage facility. Make a 90-minute visit to the fascinating world behind the fence. We also offer special tours for photographers, birders, hikers and bikers.

And I hope to have the pleasure of a photographic tour in my future.

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