1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast (Canandaigua, New York)


Going! Going! Green!

June 27, 2018 by Innkeeper

Going! Going! Green! New York’s Finger Lakes region has plenty of green. And, we’d like to keep it that way. While we don’t have a formal environmental policy, we strive to be environmentally respectful by integrating environmentally-friendly systems and practices whenever and where ever possible.  What follows are a few examples of how the 1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast, located just seven miles from Canandaigua Lake, has and continues to go green…Going! Going! Green!

Going! Going! Green!

Going! Going! Green!

Most of our indoor and outdoor lights are on timers.  We thank our guests who turn off our lights at night, but it’s not necessary.  They will automatically go off around 1:00 am.  Those that are meant to stay on will stay on.  And, our walkway lights are solar powered.

Almost 75% of our lights use fluorescent or LED bulbs.  The light isn’t as soft as incandescent, but our energy usage is certainly decreasing.  Every time an incandescent bulb is in need of replacement, we replace it with a fluorescent or LED bulb whenever possible to keep that percentage rising.  We’ve recently added LED lights in most of the bathrooms.  Of course due to the mercury content in fluorescent bulbs, we recycle them at Lowes.

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